Introducing: Bourgeois Mystics

What do you get if you combine  the audacity of  Outkast’s The Love Below, some  Blitzkrieg Bop, a  sprinkle of groove,   a  smattering of Bollywood and some 80’s classic rock?  …Austin’s very own Bourgeois Mystics.

‘Keep Austin Weird’ is most definitely a cliche, but it is a tagline that we’ve modernized to hopefully become Austin’s premiere hip weird band.” – Finesse

Citing influences as diverse as Outkast, punk rock and Bollywood, this eclectic group is putting themselves on the Austin radar with a fresh, creative, catchy sound. I sat down with vocalist and one of three founding members, ‘Squiggly Finesse’ before their Waterloo Fest Wednesdays show at the Parish. I wanted to learn more about how this group evolved and how they found a unique sound that is carving a new niche in our musically-saturated city. Finesse tells me how Bourgeois Mystics were borne of a low-key jam session; “it was the most natural, organic jam I’d ever experienced.” Growing from a trio consisting of Finesse (Keys/vox), Zenith Nadir (bass/vox) and Tonto Luigi (guitar), they’ve grown into their unique sound with nine standing members and plans to add two additional vocalists. They’ve an ambitious year ahead of them; they are recording a new EP for 2019 and planning a full album for 2020 in addition to raucous live shows  in  Austin and beyond.

I ask Finesse to describe his band. Their social media lays claim to descriptors such as  ‘Dystopian Future Funk,’ but truthfully it’s that and a whole lot more. “We discovered we were most excited to create energetic and quirky music. Bourgeois Mystics blend flavors of punk rock, hip-hop, jazz, electronic, classic rock and just a whole lot of fearless, clean fun.  Best of all is the experience seeing them live. I ask Finesse what to expect from his show; “expect the unexpected; expect to dance, expect a high-energy punk-rock vibe.”

They don’t disappoint.  It’s groovy, it’s goofy, it’s unpredictable, sometimes intense, but always light-of-heart and joyous. Somehow, Bourgeois Mystics manage to package frivolity, bended genres, and musical prowess into a seriously “I hope this never ends” -type of show. The type of jam that moves your feet for you.  If you have the opportunity to see them live, I hereby challenge you to throw on your dancing shoes, grab a beer and land yourself in the front row for a show you won’t soon forget.

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