In Flames Set the Culture Room Ablaze

Despite a cold and wet evening, fans were lined up down the block to get into Fort Lauderdale’s Culture Room. The venue, a must-play for any metal act passing through South Florida, was at capacity this evening to see Swedish heavy metal favorites, In Flames.

The Swedish sextet, supporting the release of their  thirteenth album, I, The Mask, a masterwork of melodic metal, took to the stage one at a time to a rapturous crowd. Much like their albums, an In Flames show is melodic and at the same time driven by a head-banging ferocity akin to At The Gates and Dark Tranquility,  the other pioneers of the melodic death metal genre.

As the band tore into the opening chords of Cloud Connected, a tight tour de force of power and elegance the crowd erupted. Throughout the night the band led the crowd through a collection of hits and deep tracks from almost every album in the catalog while harmonizing guitars accompanied scream growling.  However, some songs did away with both the guitar melodies and growling in favor of cleaner vocals as the multi-guitar harmonization is often difficult to achieve live much like the growling is not ideal for choruses. Either style, the crowd had no objections.

Canadian metal outfit Arrival of Autumn opening for In Flames.

Opening acts for the evening festivities included Canadian metal outfit Arrival of Autumn and Nashville Christian rock band Red, both of whom put on commanding performances for an enthralled house.

Nashville’s Red opening the evening for In Flames

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