G(irl)photographer: New Year’s Resolution

Like most of us, I sat down around New Year and attempted to write out my list of New Year’s Resolutions. They varied from the usual “go running at least three days a week,” “eat healthy” and “drink less wine” (ha… we’ll see how that one goes) to the exceptionally over-ambitious “start an independent media revolution.” But somewhere in-between, sparked partially by my time spent at the Sony Alpha photography classes in late fall, was one simple resolution: 


It’s no secret that I’m a total dweeb for educational things. But somehow adulting led me to seriously neglect these things in recent times. That needs to change. So I set out to research some easily accessible, not-too-time-consuming opportunities to get this brain working again. 

  1. Nikon Music Video Bootcamp

As a photographer deeply entrenched in the music world, learning more about music video production is another pursuit I have sorely neglected. And a really fun one. In searching Precision Camera’s database of upcoming classes, I stumbled across the Nikon Music Video Bootcamp and signed up on the spot. It’s a three-day series of classes held at Precision’s North location (did you hear they opened a second store on William Cannon and Manchaca?). It’s hosted by filmmaker and Nikon Ambassador Chris Hershman and covers planning, filming, editing and post-production for music videos. It runs the evening of Jan 17th, and then all day Saturday January 18 and Sunday January 19th. While I’m really not a video guru (though I hope to be one day…), this class sounds rock-solid and I can’t wait to jump in. 

  1. Nerd Nite #122: New Year, Nerd You!

All puns aside, Nerd Nite is amazing. And I kind of think their dad jokes are, too. I’ve loved NN since I first discovered this motley crew of avid learners and self-professed geeks back in, oh, 2017 or so? It’s been a while since my schedule allowed me to attend one of their coveted evenings, but there’s one coming up on Wednesday, January 8th and you can bet I’ll be there. 

Here’s the deets: Head to the North Door for 7:30ish (talks start at 8pm). It’s free, so don’t even worry about breaking the bank. Grab a drink and/or tacos from Pueblo Viejo (you won’t regret it, I promise) and make some new friends. There’s even an Ambassador program, where you can sign up for a friend-making meet & greet prior to the show (NOT speed dating, Full Disclosure). There will be three talks: “The Joy of Eating” by Drew Castillo, “Calming Down Like a Child” by Eley Escandell and “The (Mostly) Painless Way to Improve Your Life And Make it Stick” by Angela Arnold. Read more about all of these here. And since I’ll be there, make sure to say hello if you see me and let’s all have an amazingly nerdy time!

  1. Photo Tour on AirBnB

I’ll be the first to admit I got a little wildly aspirational on this search…. Finding a Photo Tour through the Vatican City in Italy and The Northern Lights Pro Photographer tour will do that to you. But then I also found lots of local (US-based options). Since I love to travel and shoot, why not find a pro who has devoted their business to guiding people unfamiliar with their town to the most photogenic spots available? I say yes. Most of these tours cost between $50-$100, usually depending on the time involved. Since I’ll be in the area later this year, I think I might start with the Miami Design District Photowalk.

As usual, I have a million additional ideas to add to my list. But mom always says “make your goals attainable and you will succeed.” Dangit, you’re right mom… so here we are. This is my to-do list of learning opportunities for the near future. Hope you might consider joining me for some of them.

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