Spring 2020 Festivals: Must-Sees & Mehs

Innings Festival Temp AZ full lineup 2020

Innings Festival – Must See

This will be our first fest of the decade, and it’s a no-brainer. Held in Tempe AZ (Phoenix area, for those not familiar) from Feb 29-Mar 1 – because where else would you want to be on Leap Year day? With headliners Dave Matthews Band and Weezer, we’re stoked already. But the lineup goes beyond that to include so many great artists. It’s probably the only baseball-themed festival in existence, and promises batting cages, a chance to make an epic game-saving catch, and you can even watch Ryan Dempster interview some of your favorite MLB legends. This one is so cool and so unique – and we’re pretty excited. 

Okeechobee Music Festival full 2020 lineup Sunshine Grove Florida

Okeechobee Music Fest – Must See. 

Held in Sunshine Grove, Okeechobee FL from March 5 -8, OMF goes beyond your average music festival. Their mantra is more than just words—it’s a way of life. Each year, this community comes together to live, laugh, listen, sing, dance, learn, create, meditate, downward-dog, eat & drink, explore, give back, and “Be Here Now.” If you want a festival that combines a killer lineup, laid-back environment, out-of-this-world-art and the beach… look no further.


Coachella Music Festival 2020 lineup Indio California

Coachella – Meh. 

I can’t believe we’re saying this for the second year in a row, but Meh. Major meh. Not much in the lineup really stands out when you consider that most of the big names are playing elsewhere at more accessible festivals where you can actually get within a mile of the stage. It’s kind of that old “too big for its’ britches” phenomena… I just don’t really have a reason to want to go. I don’t even have enough FOMO here to pretend I’d be interested In Coachella this year. For one, their crowds inspire a sense of general dread, since I’m not a lover of standing in a giant dusty field full of teenagers who just can’t take enough selfies, while I crane to see a stage in the far distance and gobble down a $25 slice of pizza. Which is now coated in dust. And with that thought… I’m glad I’m not scheduled to attend this year. 

SXSW South by Southwest festival Austin logo

SXSW – Must See. 

This is our yearly pilgrimage to the center of the Live Music Capital of the world… where better to see an astonishing array of incredible musicians handpicked by industry leaders? If you want to find your new favorite act, this is the place to do it. Yes, it’s a big festival, but the venues are many; and they’re small, intimate and full of character. There will be no standing in a dusty field at this one, guaranteed. Running March 13 through 22nd, you’ll have many chances to explore the city, soak up all that Austin has to offer, see (many) great bands and eat all the tacos your heart desires. Because I probably will be doing that myself. So book that AirBnB, indulge in the beautiful spring weather at Zilker Park, grab dinner on 2nd or Congress, and come get weird with us. 

Sand Jam Music Festival 2020 Panama City Beach Florida Lineup

Sand Jam – Must See. 

Because Shinedown, 311 and Weezer on the beach in Panama City, FL is one opportunity we just can’t pass up. April 24-26 is when the 2nd annual alt rock fest goes down, which means you’ve got just over 100 days to grab a ticket and pick out your best beach gear. There’s practically nobody on this lineup we don’t want to see, so come join us in the front row for a weekend of sunshine and killer music.

Welcome to Rockville Daytona Beach Florida 2020 Lineup

Welcome to Rockville – Meh. 

Once upon a time, Rockville really had something to offer… but it seems to have grown out of it’s “Unique little FL rock fest” and into something almost completely unrecognizable. Piggybacking off just about the exact same lineup as every other DWP festival this year, we just can’t really justify this one. The recycled lineup, inflated ticket prices and poor organization of year’s past just have us saying “thanks, but no thanks.” (P.S. If you want a better rock option, stay tuned for Rockfest later in the year). 

Hangout Fest Gulf Shores Alabama Full lineup festival 2020

Hangout Fest – Must See. 

Their lineup this year is HUGE! I mean… are we for real here? Even some of the small-print bands are going to be out of this world and since it’s another beach fest, this time held on the expansive sunny beaches of Gulf Shores, AL from May 15-17, we just can’t really find a reason to say no. What a perfect start to summer.


Shaky Knees Music Festival 2020 Atlanta Georgia lineup

Shaky Knees – Definite Must-See

If those headliners aren’t enough to convince you, does the rest of the lineup do it? No? How about perfect springtime weather taking place May 1-3 in Atlanta’s Central Park, situated between their bubbling downtown and the Fourth Ward District? I mean… The Smashing Pumpkins, The Strokes and The Black Keys do it for me. But what do I know about great music?

Bottle rock Napa Valley Music and Wine Festival 2020 full lineup

Bottlerock vs Boston Calling – how can we even choose?

These are both on our must-see list but sadly, they happen on the exact same weekend so we’re gonna have to make some tough choices. The full BC lineup isn’t released yet, but we’ll share when it‘s released. Miraculously, they will both feature Red Hot Chili Peppers, and BC also promises Foo Fighters. Either way, you can’t go wrong – whether you want the old-school historic charm of Boston, or the laid-back wine country kitsch of Napa, it’s your pick for the weekend of May 22-24.

Which will it be? https://bostoncalling.com/ or https://www.bottlerocknapavalley.com/ ?

Want to join our team at some of these festivals? We need writers and photographers! Send us an email.

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