News: Upheaval Fest Lineup announced!

Must-see or Meh? Vote below!!

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Meh (1) – – – – > Must-See (5)

What’s that? A newbie to the rock festival world you say? SOLD! In an ever-changing rock fest universe, this Grand Rapids, MI newb promises big things. Headliners Disturbed, Skillet, Staind and Chevelle are not tiny names to balk at… a solid lineup for their first year.

We’ll be curious to see how this one plays out in 2020. Will you be there?

Our pick for most-underrated artist on the lineup?

Joyous Wolf and Blacktop Mojo… I’ll let you get there, watch them both and battle it out for this title. I won’t be boring.

Just Announced! We will be performing at the @UpheavalFestival July 17, so get your tickets now! It’s a killer lineup, so we expect see you out there!…

Let us know your thoughts – is this a must-see or a meh? Vote above!

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