Countdown to Innings Festival 2020

Must-see or Meh? Vote below!!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Meh (1) – – – – > Must-See (5)

We’re now just three short weeks from our first major festival of the year and we couldn’t be more excited to kick off 2020’s festival season with none other than Innings Festival.

Held in Tempe AZ (Phoenix area, for those not familiar) from Feb 29-Mar 1 …where else would you want to be on Leap Year day? With headliners Dave Matthews Band and Weezer, we’re stoked already. But the lineup goes beyond that to include so many great artists; from the hi-energy brit rock of The Struts to the quirky, kooky, unstoppable Rainbow Kitten Surprise, we’re having a hard time narrowing our Must-see list.

This festival may be the only baseball-themed music fest in existence, and promises batting cages, a chance to make an epic game-saving catch, and you can even watch Ryan Dempster interview some of your favorite MLB legends.  

Our pick for most-underrated artist on the lineup?

K: That’s a tough call… it would be either ZZ Ward, or Wilderado. But this is a pretty kickass lineup overall.

T: Definitely RKS (Rainbow Kitten Surprise)… holy hell they put on a show.

R: I looove Jason Isbell forever.

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