News: Beale Street Music Festival Announces Phenomenal 2020 Lineup

If Beale Street Music Festival in downtown Memphis wasn’t already on your list, today’s announcement of a stacked lineup might just get you there.

Held May 1-3 in Tom Lee Park during Memphis in May International Festival, it’s an impressively jam-packed lineup. Appealing to a wide demographic with a little of everything, it also boasts a surprisingly large list of music heavyweights. The Lumineers? Smashing Pumpkins? Weezer? 1975? Lil Wayne? Seriously impressive. If that’s not enough, it’s also followed by the 2020 World Champion Barbecue cooking contest, and if that isn’t worth sticking around for, I don’t know what is. BSMF has put themselves on the map this year. We can’t wait.

Must-see or Meh? Vote below!!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Meh (1) – – – – > Must-See (5)

Our pick for most-underrated artist on the lineup?

We’re tempted to list Dirty Honey or The Glorious Sons, but everyone already knows how great they are. So we’ll pick Rival Sons and AJR, both of whom are one hell of a party. Oh and Nelly, because BSMF just got a lil’ hot in herrrre…

Let us know your thoughts – is this a must-see or a meh? Vote above!

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