Virgin Fest has just released the lineup for their much-anticipated 2020 inaugural event. Held in Los Angeles June 6 and 7th at Banc of California Stadium and Exposition Park, it seems to fit nicely into a festival niche that’s gone unserved in the LA area for far too long. With a killer lineup featuring Lizzo, A$AP Rocky, Anderson Paak, Major Lazer and Ellie Goulding, the magnitude of the music is just one aspect of what’s certainly to become a killer annual festival.

With a commitment to sustainability, cutting-edge technology, innovation and inclusivity, the folks behind Virgin Fest are not cutting corners. The site was selected for ease-of-access via public transportation – directly combatting issues with access, traffic and parking. They’re handpicking vendors for their commitment to sustainability and they’re trying out a deposit-based reusable cup system to do away with single-use plastic cups. And they’ve selected a site with plenty of shade, seating and amenities.

But this comes as no surprise, really. Virgin Fest Co-founder and CEO Jason Felts is a veritable veteran of the festival world. He’s one of the few behind the smashing success of KAABOO festivals (Del Mar, Cayman Islands, Dallas and now San Diego for 2020) in previous years, and if these ultra-luxury, no-holds-barred festivals are any indication, we’re in for a big treat. “With a focus purely on people and planet, I am proud to launch a first of its kind music and tech experience built upon a foundation of positivity, equality and unmatched hospitality,“ says Felts.

As for the lineup itself? We couldn’t be more pleased. Did we honestly expect anything less?? No, not at all. We can’t wait. Grab your passes here and we’ll see you in June.

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