With yet another irresistible lineup for 2020, Bunbury Music Festival has become an Ohio destination for music fans and festival lovers alike. Founded in 2012 by Bill Donabedian, the original intent was to create a whimsical, fun-for-fun’s sake event with their slogan “Bee Here, Bee You, Be Free.” Drawing an annual attendance of 40,000-50,000 each year since, it’s been nothing less than a success.

Pulling some big names in previous years, 2020 is no exception. Twenty One Pilots, Marshmellow and The Avett Brothers headline the ninth annual mixed-genre weekend. And while the big names are certainly a draw, they’ve also succeeded in flushing out the lineup with smaller acts that are a definite must-see. Pairing hi-caliber music with a mouthwatering offering of food and beverage options and a mountain of intriguing vendors to browse in-between sets, this won’t be a weekend lacking in ‘things to do.’

Our pick for most-underrated artist on the lineup?

K: Hands-down: The Unlikely Candidates. These guys really deserve a spot much higher on the lineup.

R: The Struts, always The Struts! Can’t WAIT for them!

G: Tie between Matt Maeson and Flor… and don’t make me pick. I pick both.

Learn more and grab your passes here and we’ll see you in June.

Must-see or Meh? Vote below!!

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Meh (1) – – – – > Must-See (5)

Let us know your thoughts – is this a must-see or a meh? Vote above!

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