River City Rockfest Cancelled, and this time it’s for good

After the 2019 cancellation of River City Rockfest, yesterday’s news came as little surprise – albeit to the dismay of fans throughout Texas. Citing increasing performer prices and limited availability of top-notch talent, River City Rockfest has, indeed, decided to close it’s doors for good.

This news comes on the tail of many other festivals facing the same issue in recent years. With rising costs, many festivals have chosen to increase ticket prices. Running for six years, Rockfest drew upward of 35,000 fans annually and aimed to keep ticket prices affordable at just $60 a piece. But this seems no longer possible. VP of Spurs Sports, Casey Heverling also claims that “the number of top-drawing rock and metal acts has dwindled in recent years,” and gives credit to the team for their successes in previous years; “Rockfest was an anomaly.”

This leaves space for new and innovative festival concepts to move into the region, with efforts such as Splice Record’s novel micro-festival concept, Zenfest and Austin’s third-annual Skunkfest kicking off in 2020. Is it time for a revolution in the festival universe? Perhaps so.

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