Transviolet, Armors and Kady Rain – an evening of alt pop/Rock At Barracuda Austin

Artist Spotlight: Rachel B, Photography: Kenny Sanford + Christopher De La Rosa

Hailing from San Diego, California, Transviolet is an alt/pop-rock band that first stole our hearts at KAABOO Cayman festival in early 2019. Lead vocalist Sarah McTaggart, with Judah McCarthy, Michael Panek, and Jon Garcia originally collaborated online, but then moved to the West Coast to write and perform.

Transviolet. Photos by Kenny Sanford.

Originally known as Noise Floor, the name was changed to Transviolet (inspired by Charles Bukowski’s poem When The Violets Roar At The Sun) and chosen to mean “transcendence into a new, violet awareness”. They made waves with a publicity stunt, mailing cassette tapes with “just press play” handwritten on them to a number of industry insiders, including members of the Fueled By Ramen street team and Electra Records. It worked, and their popularity grew. They are currently with Sony BMG and have released four EPs, including 2020’s Born To Rule and single of the same name.

Transviolet. Photos by Kenny Sanford.

Team dRiFFt caught their high-energy, colorful show at Barracuda Austin on February 26, where McTaggart put on her signature cant-look-away performance, following openers Austin local Kady Rain (below) and Armors, hailing from Orange County CA.

Kady Rain. Photos by Christopher De La Rosa.

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