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This month, Willie Nelson will play host to an annual tradition in music in Luck, TX; the 2020 Luck Reunion. “Inspired by our own anti-festival of the same name, Luck Reunion is an experience-based collective based in Willie Nelson’s backyard.” With a lineup of incredible talent featuring Willie Nelson himself, Margo Price, Lukas Nelson, Night Moves, Black Lips, Shooter Jennings, Angel Olsen and many others, March 19th is a one-day, cross-cultural celebration of live music, food, craft, family, community and history.

The team behind the event says; “In addition to the flagship annual event, Luck produces content and experiences both in and out of Luck with the mission of providing a space for craftsmanship, preservation and discovery”. The event itself, an “experience-based collective“ literally takes place in Willie’s backyard, close to Austin TX and prides itself in it’s cultural heritage – an event geared toward those looking to discover modern musical acts that honor the tradition and legacy of the artists that paved the way before them

“What started as a one-day event has grown into a community; a platform for us to share the ethos of Luck and bring together musicians, chefs, and artisans who are contributing to American roots culture in an authentic way.

This will be an incredible celebration of music in one of the most beautiful areas of Texas. 2020‘s event features a 50+ artist lineup, food and art in Willie’s private backyard.

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