Show Review: Blacktop Mojo With Oddfellas and Hellfire Mafia

Photography & Show Review: Derek Jones

It was a cold Thursday night in Austin Texas, but things were heating up inside Come Take it Live; a venue dedicated to bringing us the best and brightest in rock and metal talent. This particular evening was host to Blacktop Mojo as they finished the last dates of their It Won’t Last Tour. Rounding out the lineup would be Mugdog, Oddfellas and Hellfire Mafia.


The night of music kicked off with Mugdog and unfortunately, I got through the doors just as they were finishing their last song. They were brutal (in the best way) and from the short amount of music I heard, they are definitely a band to check out. Next up were Oddfellas from Pampa TX and these dudes absolutely rocked! A friend of mine and I remarked during their set how each member of the band looked so different from each other, yet their sound blended together in perfect harmony. I suppose you could compare it to choosing 4 ingredients at random, and coming up with a delicious cake: Oddfellas are a delicious Heavy Metal Cake!

Hellfire Mafia

Following them was Hellfire Mafia, who certainly played up the mafia image. Lead singer Reverendo commanded the stage with his old-school dynamic microphone, complete with black suit and hat. The rest of the band seemed to do his musical bidding, just happy to be part of the organization before them. A healthy blend of Blues and Metal, this band from San Antonio performs to the crowd and simply kicks ass in the process.

Blacktop Mojo

Blacktop Mojo, admittedly, was a band I knew very little about before taking on the task of covering their show. I had listened to a couple songs on Spotify and seen their name on a scattering of tour posters, but had never had the chance to check out a live show. To say they ‘stormed’ the stage would be a gross understatement. Sometimes bands give the crowd a moment to ease into the show; but not these guys. They came out swinging… hard! Without knowing one single lyric or song as frame of reference, I found myself pumping my fists in the air to the sounds emanating from the speakers. My neck still aches 2 days later, as I find myself adding all of their albums to my Spotify playlists. I can say with absolute certainty that not a single person left the show unsatisfied. They have that rare musical ability to instantly convert new fans, and in my estimation, an extremely bright future. They plan to hit the road with Hinder from April 24th through May 7th, and I highly suggest attending one of their shows.

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