Blog #3917: Sparrow in the Engine

I just had a massive reality check. Life is so weird sometimes. I found myself having just boarded a plane in Austin, ready to fly out for a week-long trip to Traverse City, MI. It would be a jam-packed week ahead; two concerts to photograph, a blog story, business meetings, dinners, brunches and breakfasts plannedContinue reading “Blog #3917: Sparrow in the Engine”

Visiting Del Mar for KAABOO 2019?

Check out these nine quirky and memorable places in the greater San Diego area while you’re in town for the festival this year Next month, Team dRiFFt will be visiting Del Mar for a week to cover KAABOO Del Mar music festival. The fifth installation of their luxury beachfront festival, it’s a guaranteed ahhh-mazing weekendContinue reading “Visiting Del Mar for KAABOO 2019?”

KAABOO Cayman 2019 Makes Destination Festival History

Epic guitar solos. Chickens. EDM and fireworks. Scissor lifts parked between palms, splattered in paint. Backflipping backup dancers, white sand and tiki torches.  Laser shows. 80’s pop superstars. Champagne, cigarettes and a Richard Branson spotting or two… what do these things have in common? ​KAABOO Cayman. Story: Kail Rose, Photography: Tyler Hamner & Kail RoseContinue reading “KAABOO Cayman 2019 Makes Destination Festival History”

g(irl)photographer: Landing In Cayman

February 14th, 2019 Happy Valentine’s day from the middle of the Caribbean ocean, ya’ll! As I’m sure you’ve heard, Team dRiFFt set off this week on an intrepid journey to attend the inaugural KAABOO Cayman music festival – the first of its’ kind (and certainly the biggest) on Grand Cayman island this Friday and Saturday. We arrivedContinue reading “g(irl)photographer: Landing In Cayman”