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Please note: this page is ENTIRELY a work in progress (as is our site, following the rebuild) so please be patient as we add and update content in coming weeks. If something below doesn’t make sense or could be worded differently, please let us know and help us improve the page!

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What is dRiFFt?

dRiFFt is a not-for-profit collaborative magazine platform that is built to benefit:

  • Our contributors (you!)
  • The musicians, festivals and music industry folk that are under-served by the current state of the industry 

What does not-for-profit mean?

Money is not our motivating factor and we do not operate to create profit. Our revenue streams are extremely minimal and are designed to cover operating costs only. In 2020 we are implementing a modest in-page ad system to cover the costs of hosting, page development and ads that drive viewers to our pages. Currently all operating costs, ads and hosting costs are privately funded by our founder to ensure the page stays live. We pledge to be 100% transparent on all financial transactions and will provide a quarterly report on all financial transactions. We are not a 501c3 organization yet (but we are working toward changing that).

Nobody is charged to post content, and we do not derive income from the pages. Once we reach 501c3 status, we will be pursuing grants and sponsorship programs to start changing this. Because our contributors deserve to be paid for their hard work.

We encourage each of our contributors to develop their own business and brand. We support our contributors by directly driving traffic to their pages and networking to assist each other in finding work, touring opportunities, fill-in shoots, etc

Will you get paid for your content? 

Not yet… we’re trying to change that, though.

We encourage all contributors to develop their businesses, Patreons, Etsy, blog platforms, etc and we actively promote these through our website by directly driving traffic to their respective pages. We also network internally to assist each other in finding work, touring opportunities, fill-in shoots, etc . Each story you contribute to will include a prominent Feature with a bio, photo and any links you wish to include. You get to chose what we’re promoting for you. Our pages see an average of 90-100k views per month, so it is a GREAT place to get your work noticed.

We want to help each other succeed. We network to assist contributors in finding work, touring opportunities, paid gigs, etc. As an industry contact, we frequently have bands, venues and show or festival producers asking for photographer referrals. Many of our photographers, social media gurus and writers are offered paid gigs in association with their coverage for dRiFFt and we fully support and encourage them to take these opportunities. If a contributor is offered a paid gig they cannot accept, we also encourage networking through our team to find an alternate contributor that may be able to accept the gig.

In 2020 we are implementing some sponsored story opportunities (more info TBD) which are designed to assist contributors in covering the costs associated with travel for a story or photoshoot. More will be announced in Q1.

What are dRiFFt’s values?

Aside from out contributor-centric focus, and a committment to remaining 100% independent and collaborative, here are a few of our goals:

  • Quality over quantity. Create quality content that is easily consumable – stuff that’s fun to read and inspiring, uplifting and positive.
  • Leave a positive impact – on our industry, on the people you work with and on the places/venues/artists/vendors you see and interact with. Like Jim Carey says: “The effect we have on others is the most valuable currency there is.”
  • Do good, work hard, be kind. Have integrity.
  • Support each other. We’re all in this crazy adventure together.

Why did you build dRiFFt?

I experienced first-hand the challenge of:

  1. Getting a foot in the door as a new photographer, not knowing how to get approved for photo passes for festivals and not knowing how to put my content in front of the right eyes
  2. Developing my portfolio and networking to get it in the right hands
  3. The isolation and frustration of trying to “do it all” to make it as a photographer and writer in a saturated industry full of many other photographers, writers and publications all competing to do the same thing

This magazine platform has evolved as a result of the most logical solution to these challenges.

What kind of contributors do you accept?

Photographers, writers, videographers, graphic artists, bloggers, vloggers, designers, social media gurus, bands, artists and event venues, lovers of the music scene, influencers, personalities, podcasters, creatives of all descriptions. Got a talent we haven’t listed? We’re 1,000% open to whatever you can throw at us… as long as it meets our values and is a positive contribution to our platform. 

Why should I contribute?

If you would like to find a “home” for your content, a place to learn, network and support other contributors, and a way to get approved for bigger and better shows or festivals – consider joining our team. You are under no commitment beyond a show-by-show pitch; you can come and go as you please. Need to take a year off? No problem. Want to write a show review each and every week? Cool with us.

Ideally, we’d like our team to make a personal investment in the platform – help us brainstorm and think outside the box. Find better ways to build it, fund it and support our contributors. Make it yours. See that your work and contribution makes it a finished product – and something you are proud of.

What do I get in return for contributing?

You get access to a platform for publication with a great, engaged audience. We’re constantly growing our presence online, at festivals, shows and live music events. We also have a large collective social media presence, and we help each other grow there, too.

You’ll have the ability to submit media/press/photo requests on assignment for dRiFFt, verified by us. Yes, that means free concert and festival tickets.

You’ll also be part of a team with a huge network of industry connections; artists, bands, PR, management, media, other writers and photographers (etc) and all the knowledge that we each contribute. Need a specific artists’ PR contact? I’d bet our team has it. Just ask.

Advocacy – if you have questions about your photographer rights, building licensing agreements and managing copyright concerns, we are here to back you up. Education and information is absolutely essential. Know what you’re signing at these big shows when PR asks for a photo release, and educate yourself so you know what is and ISN’T okay (Spoiler: there are a lot of things photographers are asked to sign or agree to that just aren’t okay. We can’t start to work to fix them until we work to educate people on what they actually mean).

Learning – our team is working on educational opportunities for the team through several local businesses, partnerships, non-profits and resources (more TBA soon!). A goal for 2020 is to help our photographers and writers find more educational opportunities that don’t break the bank.

Teamwork, Networking & Support – We want to support you and help you succeed. We are more powerful when we work together, so let’s use this as a platform to build each other up. We work hard to create networking opportunities so we can all support our fellow photographers, learn from each other and help each other find work opportunities.

Promoting YOU – Every contribution you make will link back to your work, your pages, blog or website, your business, your social media accounts and/or your portfolio. All work will always be fully credited and we want to use the platform as a way to help develop the career of each of our contributors. 

I want to join Team dRiFFt. What do I need to do?

  1. Read our FAQ and About pages to get familiar with what dRiFFt is and how it works
  2. Apply to Contribute through the link at the top of this page.
  3. Start brainstorming, dreaming and scheming – work on a list of your dream shows, festivals, events, anything you’d like to cover.
  4. We’ll reply to your Application as quickly as we can, and then start working toward your first assignment.
  5. Your first assignment will be a Trial submission and will be a smaller show or story to begin with (Why? Read more here).
  6. If you have a story idea or pitch, feel free to submit it using our handy web form above. Keep in mind we need a formal Application before we can approve a pitch.

How do I apply for a show or concert?

Make sure you’re an approved contributor first. If you have a show in mind, we ask that you submit a pitch first. Once the pitch is approved, we’ll work with you to apply through the appropriate channels. 

You must not apply to a show, festival or event without prior approval. Why? Often we have multiple contributors interested in the same show or event. The PR folk running media/photo approvals for each show have strict application policies and usually only approve one or two passes. If you send in an application when we’ve already got another team member who has applied, you might inadvertently “steal” that show from them. And that’s not really fair (yes, it’s happened).

If in doubt, check with your Editor first. We all want to play fair and we all want a chance for coverage of the big stuff. 

Having said that, if two people want to apply for the same big show or festival, we will usually give priority to the more senior team members and those with a proven track record of contributions. 

Also keep in mind: show and festival media/photo approvals vary greatly. Some PR folk don’t approve any media/photo passes, and others approve many. We have to play by their rules. Sending an application and having an approved pitch isn’t a guarantee that their PR will approve you. A lot of this is out of our hands and while we do our best to get you a pass, it’s never guaranteed. And sometimes, PR just don’t give us approvals until day-of. We hate it as much as you do. We’re trying to change it. 

How do I apply to contribute?

We need just a few things; send us an example of your best work (ie. a link of your portfolio) and an outline of what you would like to contribute. There’s a link to submit all of the required info at the top of this page. If you have any links to previous work or references, we’d love to see those too. If you’re new and don’t know where to start – that’s totally OK. We want to get to know your personality and what interests you, so feel free to share!

How soon do I get to cover big shows and festivals?

With each new contributor, we ask for a small “trial” show before we approve anything bigger. This will be something at a local venue, not a big national act or festival. Every time we send out a contributor to cover a show, there’s a certain amount of liability involved (for us). We want to be sure that new contributors are playing by the rules, understand how submissions work and have a good understanding of show/festival etiquette, rules and conduct. Unfortunately, we’ve had a few unruly contributors who didn’t play by the rules, who violated venue or PR restrictions, or who never submitted content they promised. The trial show is simply a safeguard to protect us (the team) and to protect the magazine.

What kind of content can I contribute?

We are open to all types of content, but here’s an informal (and by no means all-inclusive) list of the types of contributions we usually get:

  • Show reviews
    • Festival reviews
    • Photography (concert, events and shows)
    • Artist’s perspectives “Mind of a Musician” (stories about life on the road, life on tour, what it’s like to write, play music, host a festival, etc etc.) – or the equivalent “blog” type story from our photographers, writers, contributors, etc.
    • Album reviews
    • News, releases, announcements, upcoming events
    • Preview articles (band, concert, festival, event)
    • Band and artist interviews
    • Video footage of festivals, concerts, artist interviews and behind-the-scenes featurettes
    • Travel stories
    • Destination stories (Festival “101,” “Visiting San Diego for KAABOO” etc)
    • “Behind-the-scenes” content from your experiences & adventures
    • Interest stories on industry topics, current events
    • Social media shares, fun content, fun stories, re-shares
    • Administrative/organizational/web (are you good at posting stories or helping maintain a website?? We need mega help here!)

If you have an idea for a new type of content – let us know!


We are committed to being 100% transparent on the operations, finances and purpose of our platform. Have a question? Just ask. Or join our Facebook group to ask a question we can all read, respond to and reference in the future. 

What are your commitments? 

When you commit to contributing to a story, you get to pick what you are contributing. You outline your Pitch and what you will provide as your contribution. This is approved before any show/festival/event applications are submitted. 

Keep in mind you are representing not just a publication, but each and every person involved in the magazine. We hold you accountable to what you have committed and expect integrity and honesty. When you write a pitch, you are committing to everyone on the team that you will follow through with the quality, quantity and timeliness of your contribution.

We have a zero-tolerance policy on missing content – if you fail to provide content, or if you fail to follow PR or artist/show management rules, you will be removed from the team.  A contributor who fails to provide the content they promised might mean that our magazine gets blacklisted from future show, festival or event coverage. That’s not fair to any of us.

Supporting artists & the music community

We are all music lovers and believe in supporting our music community – particularly the up-and-coming acts who haven’t “made it” to the big stage yet. We are working with music nonprofits in the new year to pair interested contributors with up-and-coming bands, shows and artists who need coverage. 

Where will my work be shown?

Your work will be posted on sequentially and cross-posted to social media channels. We run a modest ad campaign to drive new viewers to our pages, but we do not feature specific work unless discussed prior (so no surprises there). We maintain an up-to-date Press Kit Here, but generally see about 90,000-100,000 pageviews per month. You are free to reference this Press Kit as a reference in future opportunities.

Can I post old work?

If it is relevant to a current, quality post, absolutely. 

I see ads – how much do those earn, and where does the money go?

In early 2020 we are implementing a modest in-page ad system. All ad revenue goes to funding our hosting and operating costs. I post a quarterly summary of ad revenue and where it was spent. Hosting, domain ownership, traffic-generating PPC/display/social campaigns and basic operating costs are around $350 per month. Currently we are running a deficit, so remaining operating costs are privately, anonymously funded in order to keep the page running.

What kind of shows and festivals do you cover?

All types, all genres, big and small. We are open to the genre and type of shows or festivals that interest you. Currently it is a mix of pop culture, rock, metal, punk, R&B, country, soul, reggae and related acts – but we are deliberately genre unspecific. As a contributor, we want you to focus on content that interests you most.

What if I want to contribute subject matter that hasn’t been covered on dRiFFt?

Speak with your Editor. We created this platform based on content we knew; industries, topics and contribution types that we were most familiar with. But we’re open to new ideas.  If you have an idea for quality content that isn’t currently subject matter relevant to dRiFFt, maybe we can work together to create a new part of the platform. 

Can I post my content elsewhere?

You may post your content on a website you own; your website, portfolio, your own blog, your own social media pages, your Youtube account, etc. You may not post a contribution in entirety on another platform you do not own or manage. You may (of course) use your own individual photographs in your own business pages and portfolio. But the story submission as a whole is to remain on dRiFFt only. Please do not share to external magazine platforms or pages without express written consent of the Editor. 

Why? Our content is our currency. While we believe in sharing and supporting YOUR work, we cannot control what is done with content once it’s handed to another external platform. Many of our PR approvals for photo and media passes are contingent upon us hosting the content and making it available to our audience. If it goes elsewhere, we are violating the terms of approval from the PR folk sending us approvals.

In addition, many external platforms run a for-profit model where your content is used to generate income for a private party. For this reason, we do not tolerate “shares” or “theft” of content on other platforms. If in doubt, send a message to the Editor and we can help you figure out whether it’s okay to share. We’re strict about this only to protect our contributor’s rights, copyright, and the work they put in.

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