A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, an epic battle took place. Two nerdy, adventurous music-crazy photographers collided at a little music festival known as River Revival, where they battled for the best photo opp. An alliance was formed. Nay – a friendship.

As the Coronavirus pandemic reaped chaos on the boroughs of Austin, he moved in with her. Things fell apart around them, but their plans did not. Making the best of a troublesome time, with jobs falling apart and uncertainty on the horizon, they took their downtime and decided to turn it into an adventure that would take them across the galaxy, and far far away.

All kidding aside (and Dear Disney: please don’t sue us for the Star Wars references), we are two professional photographers (and one great doggo), writers, music lovers, adventurers and content creators with a severe case of wanderlust. In the summer of 2020, we’re taking our skillset on the road with a grand tour of the US and Canada.

Throughout the rest of 2020, we will travel from city to city, shooting on-location for private and business clients as we visit music and festival destinations in-between photo shoots. We’ll document our travels as we go – to share our experiences on the road and tell you about the people, businesses, entrepreneurs, music, festivals and amazing destinations we find along the way.

So join us On The Road

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  • M3F Festival 2020 Review
    M3F Festival was held March 6 – 8 in Phoenix, AZ. A small nonprofit festival with bigger-than-big headliners, it was quite the weekend.
  • Innings Festival Hits a Home Run in 2020
    Innings Festival Hits a Home Run in 2020. With an incredible lineup, a picturesque location and the draw of baseball-themed activities, this midsize early-season niche festival proved to be the perfect catch for a festival lover.
  • G(irl)photographer: 5 Shoots / 5 days
    It was an ambitious five-day quest to shoot five different concerts, test out some video and photo gear, and write a story about it. Working with local bands, rocker Des Rocs and indie band Brother Moses, Kail Rose manages 5 shoots in 5 days and lives to tell the tale.
  • Cobracast Birthday bash 2020
    This weekend saw yet another successful CobraCast Birthday Bash Slamboree at Come and Take It Live… starring School of Rock, 99 Crimes, Roc Holiday, Black Heart Saints, Madam Radar, Three33, Vallejo, Dirty Wormz and Dangerous Toys it was a nonstop high-octane …
  • G(irl)photographer: 001 What’s this all about, then?
    Musings from my photographic journey; learnings, inspiration, adventures, chance meetings and useful resources. Also probably some overly enthusiastic ramblings about cool things I happen across… In case it wasn’t already …
  • A Traverse City Travel Blog
    Traverse City is an incredibly vibrant, diverse and interesting city that caters to a spectrum of visitors every year. Our photographer spent a week there; adventuring, hanging out with rockstars, taking photos, exploring, and falling in love.
  • Exit 111 Music Festival
    The inaugural festival drew rock and metal fans from across the US for an unforgettable weekend of incredible music. Exit 111 brought cult classic favorites, peppered the weekend with the biggest stars in today’s rock world and introduced some ‘newbies’ of the highest caliber.
  • River Revival Music Fest: Texas’ best-kept festival secret (…ssshhh!!)
    It’s roughly 3pm, though you’re not entirely sure because your cell phone battery died hours ago and you made the decision to leave it somewhere in the backseat of your …
  • Blog #3917: Sparrow in the Engine
    I just had a massive reality check. Life is so weird sometimes. I found myself having just boarded a plane in Austin, ready to fly out for a week-long trip …
  • Camp Anarchy 2019
    Camp Anarchy has compiled the best of punk rock culture and history into one weekend, a getaway of sorts. From craft beer, to giant beer pong and dodgeball. Plus a killer …
  • KAABOO Cayman 2019 Makes Destination Festival History
    Epic guitar solos. Chickens. EDM and fireworks. Scissor lifts parked between palms, splattered in paint. Backflipping backup dancers, white sand and tiki torches.  Laser shows. 80’s pop superstars. Champagne, cigarettes …
  • g(irl)photographer: Landing In Cayman
    February 14th, 2019 Happy Valentine’s day from the middle of the Caribbean ocean, ya’ll! As I’m sure you’ve heard, Team dRiFFt set off this week on an intrepid journey to …